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Protecting your business assets: Lower your risks with a disaster recovery plan

Disaster Recovery ebook.pngWhat did you tell yourself when you heard of the general IT blackout at Delta Airlines last summer?

1. This type of incident only happens to others;
2. It would cause panic if this happened to us;
3. We are ready to deal with any type of disaster; this could not happen to us.


If you answered 1 and 2, like at Delta Airlines, the continuity of your operations is compromised in the case of an incident.

IT incidents are both feared and underestimated, which is a paradox, but that is the case nonetheless. It’s reassuring to know that measures exist to protect your business.

Download the guide « Protecting your business assets: lower the risks with a disaster recovery plan» to:

  • Understand the global impacts of a disaster;
  • Obtain a simple methodology to build your recovery plan;
  • Know the types of recovery plans, the pros and cons;
  • Address IT issues from a more strategic than operational angle.

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