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IT_crisisWe've entered into a new digital age where technology and IT strategy are now the main concern of CEOs.

80% of Canadian CEOs consider information technology as the essential tool for their growth.

The reason being digital disturbances have destroyed 52% of the Fortune 500 companies since 2000.

Yet in Canada, only one in ten are ready to navigate this technological shift.

We have therefore commissioned a study on this subject that we want to share with Canadian companies.

The report contains some very relevant data focused on 3 major IT challenges today destabilize companies and their lines of business, in a context where we must deploy more rapidly new applications and technologies to improve the customer experience and gain competitive advantage.

It also offers possible solutions to help Canadian businesses to use IT as a lever for change and growth.
Present offers to present this independent study (60 minutes) to help you reflect on this and identify the next steps to take.

Welcome to the CEO, CMO, CFO and CIO, as well as other line of business decision makers.